Last night, the Lord is telling me to do something. I asked, "Lord, how?" I continued to reason out about this and that. But He keeps on telling me, "faith, don. Just have faith in Me. Trust Me, I'll take care of everything." I've been hard-headed. He keeps whispering, "faith". "you have a little faith, and you even doubt it.", He added. I cried, I wanted to say "yes, Lord. I will." But the statement has been full of 'buts'. I asked for more confirmations and a promise to hold. [kapal pa talaga ng mukha ko]
By morning, I received a text message saying "For whatever is happening in your life. Don't preoccupy yourself with the question WHY? But rather ponder more on to WHERE these events bring you...Once you get to WHERE God wants you to be, then you'll know WHY." In my case, it's not WHY, it's HOW. But either way, it's the same issue. I was drowned by my thoughts--thoughts of my incapabilities, that i can't do it.
But eventually I got through it by God's grace. He gave me the 'signs' [of confirmations] and i became so excited and joyful to embrace it. Yes, I responded to it, being reminded with so many things and having my confidence in  Him.


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