100 simple and joyful things in 100 days

  1. Sept. 23 (Wed): found a 20 peso-bill along the road
  2. Sept. 24 (Thu): power of the mind: trip to Great Wall of China
  3. Sept. 25 (Fri): breakfast together with my family
  4. Sept. 26 (Sat): got new tracks on my playlist
  5. Sept. 27 (Sun): a very special day: sunday service, close cell, post-enc, bonding with s. sissies
  6. Sept. 28 (Mon): still counting on HIM plus the chat with te kiar and te ruby
  7. Sept. 29 (Tue): bonding with te yanny 
  8. Sept. 30 (Wed):  joined marj's open cell, dinner with diananorre shares and bonding with ross
  9. Oct. 1 (Thu): got pinipig loaded and a slice of cake..(yum3x)
  10. Oct. 2 (Fri): Youth Reload Rock! plus joke cracking with mommyding, cath, ezra, and kean  at jollibee
  11. Oct. 3 (Sat): party with my dear cousins and baby keysha
  12. Oct. 4 (Sun): hijas sportsfest, enjoyed playing especially the badminton (after 48 yrs of not playing the sport)
  13. Oct. 5 (Mon): kuwentuhan with te ruby for 4hrs (matagal-tagal na rin ng hindi nakapag-usap ng ganito kahaba)
  14. Oct. 6 (Tue): it's cath's birthday (siya'y nasurprise sa harana ng closed cell)
  15. Oct. 7 (Wed): a night of silence
  16. Oct. 8 (Thu): still holding on
  17. Oct. 9 (Fri): filled with joy/overjoyed and sooooo excited; just so grateful to HIM
  18. Oct. 10 (Sat): spent time with the LHH
  19. Oct. 11 (Sun): candle-lit dinner and oops! i almost forgot, i love the check! it always help me a lot. (thanks, momma Bek!)
  20. Oct. 12 (Mon): His grace is enough
  21. Oct. 13 (Tue): papa brought some durian (yum3x!)  by the way, congrats for the 181pipz! debate done! :D
  22. Oct. 14 (Wed): sooo many things to do, with a little time to do it, yet i'm certain that everything's gonna be fine and will be in its place
  23. Oct. 15 (Thu): given the 2nd chance (He's soooooo gracious!)
  24. Oct. 16 (Fri): back to the cross
  25. Oct. 17 (Sat): finally, was able to face it (have overcome the deception by His grace); power hug
  26. Oct. 18 (Sun): physically tired but the mind and spirit is fighting, peaceful
  27. Oct. 19 (Mon): bonding with kean at victoria plaza (humot a2ng mga kamot after db kean?hehe)
  28. Oct. 20 (Tue): read one whole book for about 4hrs--learning and changing (another book for tomorrow!)
  29. Oct. 21 (Wed): i went to the grocery (and wonder what if i tried the free taste of that enfakid milk.. :D)
  30. Oct. 22 (Thu): back to *i-love-you* mode
  31. Oct. 23 (Fri): picture bonding with my dear sisters (see those photos on fb.. :D)
  32. Oct. 24 (Sat): reload livewire! with YWAM team from Hong Kong..
  33. Oct. 25 (Sun): being part of somebody's 12 is a great privilege (great thanks to God and to my leader!)
  34. Oct. 26 (Mon): closecell
  35. Oct. 27 (Tue): victorious (Glory to God!)
  36. Oct. 28 (Wed): ping2x's bday! :D
  37. Oct. 29 (Thu): YR prep + bonding with tehrz..
  38. Oct. 30 (Fri): YR Hala-Win Big Event! :D
  39. Oct. 31 (Sat): ♥♥♥
  40. Nov. 1 (Sun): was my 1st time to attend sunday service in Matina.. power!
  41. Nov. 2 (Mon): bonding with cousins..the family finally planned for a grand reunion..(sooo exciting! :D)
  42. Nov. 3 (Tue): cooked macaroons and spaghetti sauce for the 1st LHH outing..:D
  43. Nov. 4 (Wed): LHH outing! :D
  44. Nov. 5 (Thu): subjects approved for enrollment..
  45. Nov. 6 (Fri): trip to Tagum! :D
  46. Nov. 7 (Sat): meeting, prayer, soaking, reload--i'm getting married! power day! :D (jollibee afterwards!)
  47. Nov. 8 (Sun): cry out to Him! sing.sing.sing for Him! :D (thanks, cath, for the treat at mandarin after..)
  48. Nov. 9 (Mon): finally, i'm officially registered for the second sem, AY 09-10! (got 21 units this sem, nonhuman entity daw ang kumukuha ng 21 units in a sem, but i believe i'm still human and i'll be able to make it by God's grace..)
  49. Nov. 10 (Tue): *melancholic-mode*..go for the 1.0! :D
  50. Nov. 11 (Wed): rain down! :D
  51. Nov. 12 (Thu): it's been a long day.. got more exciting promises! weeee! :D
  52. Nov. 13 (Fri): *search-my-heart-mode*
  53. Nov. 14 (Sat): te kiar's bday! plus rated R: renewed, restored, redeemed, reconciled! :D
  54. Nov. 15 (Sun): "meaty closecell.."--momma bek
  55. Nov. 16 (Mon): mcdo sundae amidst the cold weather..love the heavy rain..
  56. Nov. 17 (Tue): more downloads..
  57. Nov. 18 (Wed): square one's solved
  58. Nov. 19 (Thu): praying and increasing the faith
  59. Nov. 20 (Fri): "bato2x sa langit, ang matamaan magrepent"--Ptra. Grace Badilla
  60. Nov. 21 (Sat): whew! was able to say it to them already..(parang nabunutan ng tinik)
  61. Nov. 22 (Sun): Sundays have always been so fun and meaty..
  62. Nov. 23 (Mon): thanks for the courage and the boldness, Lord!
  63. Nov. 24 (Tue): still enduring..
  64. Nov. 25 (Wed): silence, even if it becomes unbearable, still encourages me to have my strength in Him alone..
  65. Nov. 26 (Thu): drowned by tears, and He wiped them away..
  66. Nov. 27 (Fri): finished my poem..
  67. Nov. 28 (Sat): they're talking to me..
  68. Nov. 29 (Sun): amazed by Ptr. Ruffy's wisdom, passion, compassion and love for his people..(he really took time to check on me..i love my pastor..:D)
  69. Nov. 30 (Mon): melancholy, review, intercession, intercession, and intercession...
  70. Dec. 1 (Tue): enjoyed purchasing the materials and tokens for the STARTANIUM..bringing out the creativity by God's grace...
  71. Dec. 2 (Wed): fully loaded day! still grateful for the strength He's giving me.. :D
  72. Dec. 3 (Thu): a full blast! STARTANIUM was successful and excellent! to God be the glory!
  73. Dec. 4 (Fri): had rest from a week full of activities..
  74. Dec. 5 (Sat): it's our beloved Ptr. Ruffy Lagat's birthday.. :D
  75. Dec. 6 (Sun): the LHH klosel is finally complete...(wala ng iwanan! wala ng magkuquit.)
  76. Dec. 7 (Mon): bonding with charm, jen, and te tin with few of d AMAT's @ McDo and NCCC Mall.. (naaliw ako sa paglalakad kasama si te tine mula McDo patungong NCCC Mall, at NCCC Mall papuntang gasoline station sa Sandawa.. :D)
  77. Dec. 8 (Tue): had a headache, but was able to endure
  78. Dec. 9 (Wed): enjoying the LHH daily updates...
  79. Dec. 10 (Thu):♥♥♥
  80. Dec. 11 (Fri): God provided for people
  81. Dec. 12 (Sat): dominion night, God loves me so much for giving much grace, i always find my strength in Him
  82. Dec. 13 (Sun): Liz's birthday celeb + lesson learned
  83. Dec. 14 (Mon): had a great time with mama and lola at PCBS and McDo Victoria Plaza
  84. Dec. 15 (Tue): joyful dinner with few of the UPY2DN team
  85. Dec. 16 (Wed): physical and spiritual strength came from Him alone..got home by passed 5am, went to school by 10:30am, the rain poured, got home by 11pm, must be at school by 8:30 the next day
  86. Dec. 17 (Thu): finally done with the class play, it went well by God's grace
  87. Dec. 18 (Fri): we got the multi-cab mama won from a raffle, had a family bonding at the mall
  88. Dec. 19 (Sat): party at the company papa works for, their team was the champion for the sports fest and he won a consolation prize during the raffle
  89. Dec. 20 (Sun): exciting plans were made during the closecell
  90. Dec. 21 (Mon): re-encounter day1: renewed my commitment
  91. Dec. 22 (Tue): re-encounter day2: had a terrible headache in the middle of the sessions but God enabled me to get through it and healed me by the blood of the Lamb; post-encounter staff's party at G12 cafe at night was really awesome..had a fun-filled night
  92. Dec. 23 (Wed): had joy in serving mama through helping her do the laundry
  93. Dec. 24 (Thu): had preparations for the noche buena
  94. Dec. 25 (Fri): He is the reason to celebrate
  95. Dec. 26 (Sat): first grand reunion of the Ching's, had a wonderful time with all the relatives
  96. Dec. 27 (Sun): thanksgiving party at Mintal was great; enjoyed my high school classmates' company during the alumni homecoming during the afternoon and the bonding at jollibee by eve
  97. Dec. 28 (Mon):♥♥♥
  98. Dec. 29 (Tue): went out with my high school barkada; super enjoyed their company
  99. Dec. 30 (Wed): convicted
  100. Dec. 31 (Thu): still convicted but by God's grace, i didn't remain just convicted but became humble enough to accept my faults, repent and learn from it; so great to end the year by leaving the things i must leave


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