I used to ride a bike when I was just a kid. I enjoyed driving along the streets within the neighborhood, carrying a lot of candies inside the basket attached in front of my bike. As we transferred to a village in the city, I wasn't able to ride the same bike again. I had the bigger one. Riding it was a bit difficult, didn't know how to balance at that time. I got bruised and got wounded as part of learning to ride the real bike (i used to have the bike which has two tiny wheels at the back). And as I learned how to balance in riding the bigger one, I had a great time biking around the village with my friends in the neighborhood. I even crossed to another village through that. I also tried some stunts that added more bruises and wounds to my legs and knees. But I never stopped. I just loved it together with the risks/adventures. Having fun with my bike ended when it was stolen as we got out of town for a vacation. Years passed when it was finally replaced with a mountain bike. At that time, I was already in high school and I was busy with the acads stuff and some activities of the organizations I joined at school. Ever since, I wasn't able to take a ride of the bike. It was just only about a month ago when I got to ride a bike again. The feeling was really great. It's as if I'm back to those days when I don't have to worry about a lot of things at school. It's as if I'm back to my childhood days. And I wished I could just go back and take a long ride on my bike again.
Just this morning (Oct. 24) I've seen the bike we had. 'twas on the back yard, it's tires were flat, the one was detached from the frame, and was starting to rust. Then again, I missed riding that bike. I missed going through humps and bumps in some streets. I missed taking a tour around the village and feeling the air and some dust particles on my face. Then I craved for riding the bike again.
Suddenly, something popped into my mind. I am riding the bike. Oh, yes! I'm still on my bike. And I've crossed a lot of humps and bumps as I journey along the streets. I was taken out of balance somewhere along the road. Yet I was able to move on and the journey with my bike still goes on. And now, I know better 'bout what to do when I need to cross some humps or when I get into rocky roads. It's holding on to my bike and never losing the focus and balance. The road may seem too tough at times, but I can make it as long as I take focus in getting to my destination and staying on balance at the same time. The good thing about it is that whenever I fall because of losing focus and balance, I could always stand up, pick up my bike and ride on it again. 'cause once we knew how to ride the bike and take a balance on it, we will always be able to ride and take a balance on it again.
Now, I realized that I didn't leave my bike as I left my childhood. I was riding on it all along. And my journey's gonna be far and long.


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