I am having revelations through the techie world now. First was through a text message from Norre (one of my cell members). The message goes likes this "Jesus is like a software, He 'enters' your life, 'scans' your problems, 'edits' your tension, 'downloads' solutions, 'deletes' your worries and 'saves' you." Then another was from Ptr. Dence's preaching last September's Youth Reload Big Event (ui, Hijas na for this month's big event! be excited! Oct. 31, 2009@BCC, 6pm.) His points were (1)password-Jesus is the password or the key to salvation, (2)process-we must continually be transformed by His grace, (3)display-God's glory must shine through us wherever we may be, (4)home-we must always go back to the Cross, to Jesus' feet, (5)shutdown/hibernate/log out-serving God must never shutdown, it's for eternity and must not sleep mode or standby.
Now I would choose the OS."O.S. or operating system is an interface between hardware and user which is responsible for the management and coordination of activities and the sharing of the resources of the computer that acts as a host for computing applications run on the machine."(http://www.wikipedia.org/) Well, ano nga bang nasa OS at bakit ito pa naisip kung gawan ng post.

Now, here it is. We are the hardware or the computer itself. We might have the best specs or features such as a 2gb RAM or higher, a 160gb, 250gb HDD or so, a 21" flat screen or LCD monitor, and a lot more yet these will only be useless without having any OS installed. That is, we really must have Jesus installed in our lives. If not, our lives will just be nothing, worthless and we cannot perform the purpose or the reason why we exist. All the riches, the beauty and fame are nothing, when your life is not with the right OS. At times, the system bugs down, could be corrupted and infected with much viruses, spywares, etc. And the good thing is, we always have the choice of having our units reformatted. Yes! There is an option. It's whether we stick to a unit that hangs up, that processes slowly, that can't perform well, a system infected with different kinds of viruses or just reformat the unit.
As we allow our units [lives] to be reformatted, there are a lot of things to let go and be deleted. Files that are infected must be removed. They must be removed, else, the same problem will occur to our beloved units, again and again. Same thing in our lives, we must let go of the things that are corrupt and allow them to be replaced with the things that are in line with His will. After that, the installation of the OS along with the new softwares and applications must be done. To have the best performing unit, install only the softwares and applications which are needed and very important. Identify what is needed and important, and don't allow those that are not needed to be installed, else they eat up a portion of the memory and HDD which contributes to the low performance or slow loading of the unit. If you want to get right with the Lord, if you want to be excellent in the ministry, you must not entertain activities, thoughts, etc. that you know would take a part of your zeal and passion in serving Him. As these stuffs are installed, the unit is also renewed, reconstructed. As we allow Jesus to be installed in our lives, and allow only the right people and things get into our lives, we are a new creation. We can now perform well in doing what He has purposely made us for. But it doesn't end there. Getting right with the Lord has always a process, and it must be done consistently. There's what we call maintenance. For our units to be kept clean from corrupted files, we must scan the system, and the scanner must always be updated. And before allowing a third-party site/unit, etc. to get connected with our units, we scan them first if they are free from viruses, or any corrupted files. How do we apply these in our lives? First, we update our scanners/antivir, right? We must update ourselves by downloading the Word everyday. We must get into the Word daily. The Word itself scans our lives, cleanses us, teaches us what to do and how to get right all the more, and takes away any corrupt mindset and wickedness in us. The next is, as we allow people to get into our lives, we're not the ones scanning them. We only help them to get right with the Lord by sharing to them the Word. Then the Lord will be the One who will work in their lives. Through that, they too will be reformatted, or cleansed. Then, the cycle must go on and on. The updates must not be stopped!
Having low performances? Is the loading slow? Get into the Word now. And if it's really necessary to have a reformat, contact Him, get connected with the Programmer, the Technician of our lives. Allow Him to do what He has to do in you. Then, you will never be the same again.


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